Justin Mezzapelli is a multi-media artist interested in queerness, domesticity, multiplicity, and paradox. As an illustrator, writer, and filmmaker, much of his work involves signifiers of the everyday. He magnifies the ordinary and embraces obscurity as an interpretive device. Understated objects, environments, and senses employ his diverse practice, considering the profound identity registers that exist within the activity of mundane life. Justin holds a BFA in Integrated Media from OCAD University.  He is currently based in Whitby, Ontario.

   Justin frequently produces film and video alongside creative partner and artist, Brigitte Sampogna. Inhabiting realms of the absurd, the banal, and the domestic, their work has exhibited locally and internationally. 

Work available for purchase at Partial Gallery.

Open to inquiries of any kind.

Justin Mezzapelli & Brigitte Sampogna, Heralds of the Domestic (2020)

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