Justin Mezzapelli (b.1998) is an interdisciplinary artist interested in poetics, repetition, domesticity, and queer identity. Engaging the mundane of everyday life to organize meaning, his work manifests as drawing, collage, found material assemblage, and moving image. By a process of collecting, reclaiming and contrasting ordinary objects or knowledges, he traces an often transitory experience that emerges from distinctly unassuming worlds. Justin holds a BFA in Integrated Media from OCAD University. He is currently based in Whitby, Ontario.

   Justin produces film and video frequently alongside creative partner and artist, Brigitte Sampogna. Inhabiting realms of the absurd, the banal, and the domestic, they engage alternative methods of communication. Their work has exhibited locally and internationally. 

Illustration work available for purchase at Partial Gallery.

Open to inquiries of any kind.

Justin Mezzapelli beside Give Me This Day My Daily Bread, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (from The Portrait Backlog, 2022)

Photo by Brigitte Sampogna

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